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pvc ceiling tiles

Whether you’re remodeling your basement or redecorating an existing room, choosing the right type of ceiling tile can make all the difference. PVC ceiling tiles, an alternative to traditional mineral fiber tile, come in a wide variety of color options, styles and textures. They’re easy to install, inexpensive and durable. However, they may not be the right choice for every home.

If you choose to go with plastic pvc ceiling panels, be sure that they are made from nontoxic material. While pvc is safe, many manufacturers add antimicrobial chemicals to their products that may be harmful to the environment and to your health. These antimicrobials can contaminate the air in your house, and some of them have been linked to cancer and other health problems.

Also, be sure that the pvc ceiling tiles don’t contain asbestos. If your home was built before 1981, it’s likely that the original ceiling contains asbestos fibers that can cause lung diseases like mesothelioma and asbestosis. If your old ceilings contain asbestos, you should consult a professional to handle the removal and replacement of these dangerous materials.

PVC ceiling panels are much stronger than traditional mineral fiber tiles. This means that they are less likely to crack or break when you move them around. This is important if you need to run wiring or other items through your ceiling. In fact, they are so strong that you can often lift them with your hands if you’re careful.

Another advantage of pvc ceiling panels is that they are easier to clean than mineral fiber tiles. While you can usually wipe them down with a damp cloth, you can also use a commercial drywall cleaner to keep them looking nice and new. They are also more resistant to mold and mildew than most other types of ceiling tile.

One drawback of pvc ceiling tiles is that they cost more upfront than their mineral fiber counterparts. While a 2×2 ceiling tile typically costs $2.00 or $3.00 per sheet, a similar-sized plastic PVC tile can cost up to four times more. This can be a major deterrent for some homeowners.

The ceiling panels are manufactured from High Quality Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets dimensionally embossed to create three dimensions (3D) effect and painted with various colors & effects, some of them are hand paint so color variations exist. They are easily laid into a standard 15/16 T-bar drop ceiling grid system or glued over any flat substrates….

These panels look like the real tin ceiling and can be used to replace the current traditional ceiling in homes, apartments, hotels etc. and are Class A fire rated. They are easy to trim, cut or adjust and won’t leave the dusty mess that mineral fiber ceiling tiles do. This makes them a great do-it-yourself project or an ideal choice for contractors and builders. These wall panels are energy-saving as they prevent heat loss in winters and maintain cool temperatures in summers, due to their insulating properties.